Baby Llama South America - Expeditions in North Coast and Southern andes Detail of Peruvian coast and study areas Coastal desert site of Chimor with large looted Pre-Inca cemetary in forground The Moche valley cutting through the coastal desert
Chris Donnan and Joel Grossman - Chimbote, 1968 Recording painted murals at looted temple mound in Chimbote, North Coast of Peru Detail of southern Andes showing Inca capital of Cuzco relative to my study area of Andahuaylas, Apurimac, Peru Crossing the Andes by air at 15,000 to 20,000 feet Detail of Cuzco and Inca fort of Sacsahuaman above it.
Holding up the Inca walls of the Fort of Sacsahuaman Partially excavated Inca building in the central terrace of Sacsahuaman A nice photo of the Inca city of Machu Pichu by my son, Jesse Grossman An Inca lady with her llama in transport LLama
My llama train at 15,000 ft. on survey in the Andes of Andahuaylas My guides and friends leading me out of the mountains Quechua girl by the roadside, waiting for tranport Morning in Andahuaylas, Apurimac, Peru Highland Intermontain valley of Chumbao, Andahuaylas, pERU
Prehistoric hill-top archaeological site of Waywaka that revealed a 3000 year sequence of pre-Inca settlements, and the earliest evidence of gold working technology in the Americas Beginning excavations at Waywaka with my Quechua field assistant, Roque The deepest layers revealed a series of burials dating to 1,500 B.C...and earliest evidence of gold working technology in the Andes. Burial 4 found with Gold foil and Lapis lazuli Beads Stratigraphic profile of Pre-Inca deposits at Waywaka